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Ba Trai Dao Islets


Ba Trai Dao Islet is located near Cat Ba Island, about 22km far from Bai Chay Tourist wharf to the southeast. Ba Trai Dao can be reached via speedboat about an hour from the Bai Chay Tourist wharf.

The islet includes three small mountains which look like three peaches from afar. For that reason, the island is named Ba Trai Dao or Three Peaches Islet. These mountains have an average height of 23 meters.

According to the legend, once upon a time, there was a young and beautiful fairy falling in love with a poor fisherman. As she wanted him to be immortal to be with her forever, she stole three peaches in the heaven for him. Unfortunately, the King of the Heavens discovered the robbery and turned three peaches into three stone islands and forced the young fairy to return to heaven.

Nowadays, Ba Trai Dao Islet becomes a famous tourist magnet. It is extremely famous for its three fairy-like beaches, each of which embraces a small island. The combination of the mountains, the white sand and the ocean gives this spot an unprecedented romantic landscape. However, the beach is only available for swimming 2 – 3 hours per day because of the rising tides. Besides, this islet is an ideal place for kayaking and rock climbing.