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Cong Dam Area


Cong Dam Area featuring a spectacular poetic natural beauty of the mountains and sea that may allure any visitors coming here. This place is considered as the “outdoor geologic museum” which has been preserved for 340 millions years.

Here a lot of coral reefs are concentrated, with underground lakes inside the limestone mountain and underwater caves. The surrounding Cong Dam is many different islets and large beaches with smooth white sand and clear blue waters such as Tra Gioi, Cay Bang and Cat Oan.

The unique feature in Cong Dam area is a small ancient floating village with a population of about 120 people still maintaining almost completely cultural traditions of a fishing village. Coming here, you will have a chance to talk with fishermen, hear their unforgettable memories or go for a row to explore the magnificent mountains and beautiful small houses.

Far from the mainland, the Cong Dam area is isolated from normal tourism routes so the scenery in this place is still pristine and clean. You can participate in many interesting activities such as rowing boats, kayaking to explore the hidden caves and the primitive beaches. Besides, you can try your hand at fishing with the fishermen or help the locals plant mangrove trees to preserve the environment.