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Cua Van Fishing Village


Cua Van is one of the biggest floating villages which lies in a calm bay surrounded by mountains in Halong Bay.

Coming here, tourists not only are immersed in a quiet and tranquil and strangely charming place but also enjoy the breathtaking natural view with your onw eyes and gain hands-on experience in daily lives of fishermen.

A trip to Cua Van fishing village is seen as an once-in-a-lifetime experience. You can take a look at the beautiful limestone karsts and islets of Halong Bay and take photos of the floating fishing village with colorful raft houses.

Cua Van is home to more than 170 households who depend mainly on fishing for their living. The people here are very friendly and hospitable. You are also warmly welcomed and shown how to row, throw the net or catch fish by the locals. In their idyllic village, you will listen to some inspiring life stories of the people who has never set foot on dry land.

The generations of fishing village spend their all life living on boats and attached to the sea. You will be attracted by the beauty of the houseboats, the friendly and extremely hospitality fisherman and the innocent kids with smiley faces. The scene is really peaceful and primitive.