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Soi Sim Island


Soi Sim is a small island located to the west of Halong Bay. It is about 12km far from Bai Chay Tourists Wharf and 700m from Titop Island. According to the researchers, this island has been existed about hundred of million years ago and surrounded by the sea then there are endemic plants, according to researchers.

The name of Soi Sim derived from the ancient story that there were a lot of tomentose rose myrtle alive at the island then the local people called it Soi Sim. The island has the special geological structure with 2/3 of its area covered by Feralit and weathering soils. This is a reason why the vegetation in the island is pretty luxuriant and diverse in species.

Coming to Soi Sim Island, tourists will be impressed by peaceful ambiance and natural beauty of green primeval forest and blue sea. The island has two charming beaches with white sand and crystal waters, making it an ideal place for water sports such as boating, kayaking and swimming.

Tourists also can find many different types of beautiful flowers around the island. The high point of Soi Sim is convenient for sightseeing. From there, you can admire the panoramic embracing the south-east and north-west of World Heritage Halong Bay.

Soi Sim Island is one of the major tourists relatively new. But it will become an attractive holiday resort right in the center of Halong Bay in the near future.