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Surprise Cave


Located inside Bo Hon Island, in the middle Halong Bay, Surprised Cave (Sung Sot cave) is considered as the most beautiful and magnificent cave with distinct and strange shapes in this charming bay.

At approximately 25m above sea level, the cave system occupies around 10,000 m2 and comprises two caverns, each as beautiful and fascinating as the other. From the wharf, you climb 50 steep stone stairs to the mouth of the cave, you will step into another world which combines the cool mystery of Sung Sot Cave with soft, diffused light from the outside world.

The cave includes 2 chambers. The outer chamber is square and is often referred to as the waiting room. The ceiling of this area is covered by stalactites and stalagmites with around 30m high.

Entering in the second chamber through a 3m wide path, you can enjoy the completely different space in comparison to the first one, which can hold a thousand people at once time. There are many surprising scenery waiting for tourists to explore such as stalactites having different and special shapes, an old banyan tree having luxuriant foliage, dinosaurs and so on.

Reaching the highest peak of the cave, you have a great chance to admire the beautiful landscapes of clear water lakes, some types of trees and birds living here. The name “Surprised Cave” describes the very first feeling of tourists when they entered the cave with full of “wow”, “amazing”, and “unbelievable”. It promises to be one of the most interesting attractions in Halong Bay.