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Thien Canh Son Cave


Belonging to the beautiful island Cong Do, Thien Canh Son cave is one of the most attractive destinations on Bai Tu Long and Halong bay. It attracts so many travelers by beautiful surround landscape, pristine limestone stalactites and a rare natural beauty.

To get to this cave, you will have to walk up about 100 stone steps, set under the craggy cliffs and foliages which give you a brand new feeling like climbing towards the heaven gate. 

Standing on the highest point of the cave, you can enjoy the panorama view of Halong Bay and Bai Tu Long Bay perfectly without any obstacles. At the foot of the cave, there is a beautiful and peaceful beach with clear blue water, cool white and smooth sand shore lying long endless is waiting for you to lay down on it and take some wonderful photos.

When entering the cave, visitors will be surprised by the amount of stalactites and stalagmites dating back thousands of years. The entire ceiling is covered with thousands of stalactites sparkling like the eternal light hanging from nature. Plenty of stalactites and stones in various sizes and shapes like stone statues, stone elephants, seals, flowers will challenge your creativity and imagination.

In the vast space of Thien Canh Son cave, many restaurants are built according to unique architecture. You may have an unforgettable dinner in the cave on candle-light with your beloved ones in the evening. Certainly it will bring visitors moments of peace, romance, novelty that no place has.

Thien Canh Son Cave offers a wild and mysterious beauty, making it definitely a must-see attraction in the journey to explore the land of heritage.