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Thien Cung Cave


Thien Cung Cave (Heavenly Palace Cave) is located on Dau Go Island, the southwest of Halong Bay and 4km away from tourism wharf. This cave is considered the most beautiful primitive cave of the bay.

The structure of the cave is complex with different levels and chambers, which contain richly ornamented stalactites and stalagmites formed millions of years ago. Visiting Thien Cung Cave, tourists can feel like visiting a natural museum with variety of sophisticated statues and reliefs.

The way to Thien Cung is a perilous one, covered on both sides by thick forest. After entering a narrow gate, the grotto’s 130-meter-long girth opens up. Going deeply into the cave, you are astonished by the very animated and splendid beauty which is made from stalactite.

There are four large pillars supporting the “roof of heaven” in the center. From the base to the top, many strange images seem to live in the stone such as birds, fish, flowers and even scenes of human life. On the north wall of the grotto a group of fairies seem to dance and sing in honor of the wedding. Tourists coming here will be impressed by the stone curtains drooping from the above, the ivory-white of stalactites and the wild beauty of this cave.

Thien Cung cave is also attached to the legend of Dragon King and his beautiful bride, May in the past. It is one of the must-see destinations for tourists in Halong Bay not only to explore and enjoy the majestic beauty of the cave given by the nature, but also get the chances to learn about its history and legend.