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Tien Ong Cave


Situated on Cai Tai Island, amongst the karst islets population in the North of Ha Long Bay, Tien Ong Cave is around 20km far from the city center of Ha Long. Although it is less well-known than the others, this cave appeals tourists not only by its pristine landscapes but also a precious system of thousands years old stalagmites and stalactites. It is also a cradle of ancient Vietnamese people.

Unlike most caves in Halong Bay, which are characterized by moderate cave mouth or very wide inside area, Tien Ong Cave has a 50m wide, 14m high and short entrance that leads to a massive area inside (around 1,000 square meters).

The cave is separated into two moderate chambers by a tall rustic stone pillar. Each chamber appeals visitors by its really stunning system of stalactites that can take any forms and shapes, from peacock, crocodile or a mighty man. In the inner room, there is a block of stone which looks like a fairy godfather, called “Tien Ong” in Vietnamese that is also the origin of Tien Ong Cave’s name.

Besides its natural beauty, Tien Ong cave is a place which contains important historical and cultural value. Archeologists have discovered fossils of bones of terrestrial animals, pieces of pottery and shells, and ancient tools such as the stone axe, and a stone knife, etc. The discovered objects have proven the existence of lives in the cave dated 10,000 – 8,000 years (BC) ago, during the Hoa Binh – Bac Son Era on Tien Ong Cave.