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Viet Hai Village


Viet Hai is a small village covered by high mountains range of the Cat Ba National Park, belonging to Cat Hai district of Hai Phong City. It is considered as an isolated world in the midst of the valley.

Viet Hai village has around 80 households. All the villagers are the original residents of Halong Bay as their ancestors had lived there since hundreds of years ago. The locals mainly live on fishing, farming and breeding. They are really friendly, honest and hospitable.

Visiting Viet Hai fishing village, you will have a great chance to soak up the tranquil and peaceful atmosphere, charming scenery and specific characteristic of villages in the North of Vietnam. Thanks to its unique culture, pristine landscapes together with friendly people, Viet Hai today attracts a large number of tourists who want to explore the truly natural beauty.

Here you can take part in some interesting activities such as traditional rice wine and breeding poultry to understand more about the daily life of the locals.  It will definitely leave unforgettable impression in your mind.

There are two main ways to access Viet Hai. First, you can take a boat across Lan Ha Bay to Viet Hai harbor then go by motorbike, bicycle, trekking to Viet Hai village passing a forest road 6km to the village. For those who love something adventurous, you can choose another way which is to follow the track of Cat Ba National Park until it merged into a minor road leading to the village. In the village, you can visit old houses, take pictures of forest trees or see people and buffaloes working on the rice paddy fields.