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Vung Ha Beach


Vung Ha Beach belongs to Vung Ha Island, a fairly large island situated in the center of Halong Bay. The island is approximately 30km to the East of Halong City and 28km from Hon Gai Habour. It belongs to one of three main areas of Halong Bay and has the shape of a crescent.

Nowadays, Vung Ha is a stopover of many Halong Bay cruise ships to visit the beautiful Vung Vieng Fishing Village. Thanks to clean beaches, Vung Ha Island is a great place for tourists to enjoy some leisure activities such as kayaking, swimming, and exploring the daily life of fishermen.

The island is mostly uninhabited so there are no basic facilities for lives. This is actually the best thing for Vung Ha. Its large beaches remain unspoiled, offering a perfect opportunity for those who want to get a close touch to the nature without the crowds.