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Yen Duc Village


Located in Dong Trieu town of Quang Ninh province, 60km west of Halong city, Yen Duc is a beautiful village with poetic scenery, charming rivers, historical mountains, rice fields and sacred legends and relics related to Ly and Tran dynasty. It was recognized as a national heritage in 1993.

This rural farming village is an ideal place to trace back to Vietnamese traditional culture. Coming here, tourists will have a great chance to immerse yourself in the quiet and peaceful atmosphere. You will be amazed with the traditional agricultural features, the beauty of the golden rice fields in harvesting time and the gardens of areca trees in the sun and the ponds below the green gourd platforms.

Don’t forget to take part in many interesting activities here such as grinding rice, pounding rice, catching fish by nom (a simple tool made from bamboo bars used to cash fish), planting vegetables and making floating cakes (Troi cakes) with the hosts. Tourists can visit Yen Duc village to watch water puppet and participate in other attractive folk games. This is such an amazing and thoroughly enjoyable experience that you should not miss.