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Signature Royal Cruise

 Address: Signature Royal Cruise
Launch Year
No. of Decks
3 decks
Cruise Type
Luxury Cruises
5 Star Cruise
No. of Cabins
16 cabins
Cruise Capacity
40 people
Cruise Length
Cruise Width
Cruise Height
No of Cruises

Offering a wide selection of anticipated activities, interesting side trips, and thrilling excursions, Royal Signature Cruise is proud to be one of the most sought-after liners in Halong Bay since its inauguration. The advanced facilities, the sophisticated design, and the diverse choices of cabins in Royal Signature Cruise can satisfy various demands in terms of accommodations. Hailed as one of the biggest cruises in Halong Bay, Royal Signature Cruise has four decks (instead of 3 like other vessels). It consists of Lower Deck (320m2), Middle Deck (300m2), Top Deck (290m2), and Rooftop Sun Terrace (180m2). Royal Signature features 16 cabins, divided into five options including Junior Suite, Senior Suite, Exclusive Family Suite, Elite Family Suite, and Royal Suite. Cabin space is pretty ample, ranging from 28 to 82 square meters. Depending on the room type, each cabin can accommodate 2 – 4 adults and 1 – 2 child under 12 years old. With the spacious area like this, Royal Signature Cruise is considered as the best choice for families or groups cruising in Halong Bay.