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Kayaking Halong Bay

Kayaking in Halong Bay Vietnam is the most amazing way to fully feel the majesty of the Bay, where you could get in to the nature, discover the cliffs with a numerous of rock formation, dales.
Kayaking Halong Bay has been started 3 decades ago, at first this kind of sport was mainly for the foreign visitors who like adventures. Nowadays, there are many interior guests enjoy kayaking in Ha Long Bay, especially young people. Discovering Ha Long Bay by kayaking, visitors can feel other beauty of this international wonder that can’t be seen from the cruises.
Kayakers will be surprised with many cliffs which have been acted upon by the waves for centuries, contemplate the sea birds standing tottery on the top of rocks and touch the stalactites which are thousands of years old.
Kayaking alone or with a partner, visitors will discover different emotions which they have never felt before when riding the oars closely to the bottom of rock mountains and enjoying the extremely quietness of the bay
When kayaking into the unnamed islands, visitors can directly contemplate the beauties of corals, flocks of freely-swimming fishes and many strange sceneries which have never been seen in any travelling books. Whenever the oars are moved down or up, thousands of water drops radiate the sparkling beauty under the sunshine.
Sometimes in the short caves, visitors must lay on the kayak as well as using hands to push to the cave ceiling to go inside. They also have to walk and pull the boat when passing the dry parts. Especially, taking part in the night tour on the bay, visitors can enjoy the quite air among the sea.
On the way back from a Ha Long Bay travel tour, Jason Ray – a visitor tells about his interesting memories of the tour, especially the time when he lonely kayaking to discover Luon cave: “I was impressed the most when riding the kayak into the cave. The far I went inside, the darker it is; hundreds of stalactites hang down cross my face, sometimes I had to lay face onto the boat in order to pass. The feeling when hands were weary after finishing the Ha Long Bay discovering tour by kayaking made me very interested. Contact our cruise specialist for the most interesting route for kayak or best cruise rate on the bay.
Unfortunately, In march of 2017. Provincial Authorities having some problem on kayaking management and decided to temporary stop kaycking in Halong bay and we will update you immedielty when they have any amendment on this issue. Hanoi Apr 4th 2017.